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Well, it happened. Your refrigerator was icy cold yesterday evening and then all of a sudden, boom, today it’s room temperature. We know just how frustrating this situation can be, but luckily you’re in the right place! ABC Appliance Service is the area’s leader in fast, affordable refrigerator repair West Hartford CT service.

Whether your refrigerator isn’t making ice or has quit cooling altogether, there’s no problem our experienced refrigerator repair West Hartford CT service technicians can’t handle. We service all makes, models, and configurations, and we can get your unit back up and running fast, guaranteed.

No other refrigerator repair West Hartford CT service company can provide our level of service, experience, and expertise. Each one of our technicians is licensed, insured, and professionally trained to repair every refrigeration issue, all while treating you and your home with the respect you deserve.

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Refrigerator Brands We Service

When your refrigerator breaks down, you need to immediately call a local refrigerator repair West Hartford CT service company. The problem is, most repair companies only work on a handful of brands. So how do you know if they can even service your model?

Simple, call ABC Appliance Service! As the region’s number one refrigeration repair specialist, we work on every brand, even the lesser-known known ones the other guys won’t touch. No matter if you own a major brand or a high-end unit, we can get it back up and running. We service the following refrigerator brands:

Refrigerator Repair Problems

Experience, ability, and speed are crucial when hiring a refrigerator repair West Hartford CT technician. It’s bad enough that you have to spend money on a repair, let alone the cost of the wasted food you’ll lose if it stays broken too long. You need someone who can fix the problem the fast, and that’s where we come in!

ABC Appliance Service offers affordable, rapid refrigerator repair West Hartford CT service. Is your side-by-side refrigerator making a loud noise? Or has your KitchenAid refrigerator stopped making ice? If so, book a service call with us today and save yourself an even bigger headache.

Call ABC Appliance Service West Hartford if you’re experiencing any of these common refrigerator problems:

Refrigerator Not Cooling

If you notice that your refrigerator is getting warmer or has stopped cooling altogether, call ABC appliance repair right away. Addressing the issue fast can save you money down the road.

What causes a refrigerator not cooling issue?

Refrigerator Runs Constantly

If you hear your refrigerator running all the time non-stop, it can get really annoying. It also can be a sign of a larger issue, so call ABC Appliance Service if you hear your refrigerator working day and night.

What causes a refrigerator to run constantly?

Refrigerator Not Defrosting

A refrigerator that stops defrosting can become costly when your food starts to go bad. Save yourself some money and unnecessary stress by calling the experts at ABC Appliance Repair at the first sign of trouble.

What causes a refrigerator not defrosting issue?

Great Reviews

appliance repair reviews

Joyce S.

“ABC appliance came out to look at my 8 yr old counter depth GE refrigerator. As disappointed as I was about having a refrigerator that is not worth fixing, I really appreciated there knowledge and thorough explanation that he gave me.”

appliance repair reviews

Ron F.

“Just had them fix our frig. Identified the problem, had the right fan and did it in 30 min. Great job, fair price and now my ice cream is cold and not a milkshake. Thanks, guys.”

appliance repair reviews

Diane C.

“Paul was very professional and courteous. He answered all my questions and gave me great advice on taking care of my dryer. I totally recommend using ABC Appliance Services . Great company, and speedy service.”

Ice Maker Repair Problems

Technically, they’re a part of your refrigerator, but we see so many issues with ice makers that they get their own section. We’ve grown so accustomed over the years to having ice at the touch of a button that now we can’t live without it!

Don’t suffer from warm beverages or lug that heavy bag of ice home from the grocery store! Let the refrigerator repair West Hartford CT professionals get your icemaker back to work ASAP! Our technicians carry common icemakers to repair your refrigerator in as little as one trip.

Call ABC Appliance Repair if you’re having any of these common ice maker issues:

Ice Tastes Bad

Even if your icemaker is still technically working, if the ice tastes bad, what’s the point? Nobody wants to ruin a tasty beverage with funky ice cubes. We’ve narrowed down the common causes though, so call for an ice maker repair West Hartford tech for these issues:

Ice Tray Not Dumping

Waiting…waiting…waiting…and nothing. If your ice maker’s tray isn’t dumping ice, then you’re fresh out of luck when it comes to cooling that drink down. Our technicians usually determine the cause of this common ice maker failure to be one of these issues:

Ice Maker Doesn’t Fill with Water

If your refrigerator’s ice supply isn’t meeting your family’s demands, then it may not be filling with water. If your ice maker stops filling, there can be several different reasons why. Check these areas to find out why your ice maker isn’t filling with water:

Ice Maker Doesn’t Make Enough Ice

If you want your ice maker to produce the proper amount of ice, the freezer has to be at the right temperature, the water level needs to be high enough, and the water valve has to be working. These are the most common possible causes of low ice production:

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