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When one of your major cooking appliances breaks down, it always seems to happen at the worst time. Discovering that your range won’t turn on right before a big family event is not an uncommon story. Luckily, you’ve found the region’s fastest, most professional range repair West Hartford CT company, ABC Appliance Service.

Whether your range burners aren’t igniting or your oven has stopped heating altogether, there’s no defect our expert range repair West Hartford CT service technicians can’t fix quickly. We work on all models and configurations.

No other range repair West Hartford CT service company can match our experience, customer service, and dependability. All of our technicians are licensed, insured, and professionally trained to service all range problems, so call ABC Appliance Service today for the area’s most reliable range repair in West Hartford CT.

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Oven & Range Repair West Hartford Brands We Service

When your cooking appliance fails, you need to find a reliable local range repair West Hartford service company. Unfortunately, some service companies only repair a handful of brands. How are you supposed to know if they can work on your model?

Easy! Call ABC Appliance Service, the area’s premier range repair experts. We repair every brand, including premium brands other companies won’t touch. Whether you need service on a major brand or high-end range, we can get it back to work quickly. We repair the following range brands:

Range Repair Problems

Honesty, dependability, and experience are critical when choosing a range repair West Hartford service company. A shoddy repair from an inexperienced technician can leave your gas range top, electric range top, double wall oven, stove, or glass cooktop in even worse shape. That’s where ABC Appliance Service comes in!

We provide first-class range repair West Hartford service. Have your Wolf range burners recently stopped igniting? Or is the oven in your Whirlpool range not heating at all? Make an appointment with ABC today and experience the gold standard in West Hartford range repair.

Call us now if you’re experiencing one of these common oven or range issues:

Range Burners Won’t Ignite

We’ve all been there. You go to light one of your gas range burners, you hear the clicking noise, but no flame appears. This is a common issue that our range repair West Hartford CT techs have narrowed down to one of these causes:

Range Elements Not Heating

You set a pot of water on your range top, crank up the heat, and start waiting. And you keep waiting and waiting until finally, you realize it’s broken. We see this range issue all the time, which is why we know how to fix it fast:

Glass Cooktop Not Heating

Nothing matches the elegance and simplicity of a range featuring a smooth glass cooktop. Unfortunately, they can suddenly stop heating out of nowhere. Call us and we’ll make see if one of these defects is causing the problem:

Range Top Won’t Turn On

No matter if you own an electric range top or a range with a glass cooktop, sometimes they completely stop powering on. If your range seems to be completely dead, call ABC Appliance Service and we’ll check out these frequent causes:

Great Reviews

appliance repair reviews

Joyce S.

“ABC appliance came out to look at my 8 yr old counter depth GE refrigerator. As disappointed as I was about having a refrigerator that is not worth fixing, I really appreciated there knowledge and thorough explanation that he gave me.”

appliance repair reviews

Ron F.

“Just had them fix our frig. Identified the problem, had the right fan and did it in 30 min. Great job, fair price and now my ice cream is cold and not a milkshake. Thanks, guys.”

appliance repair reviews

Diane C.

“Paul was very professional and courteous. He answered all my questions and gave me great advice on taking care of my dryer. I totally recommend using ABC Appliance Services . Great company, and speedy service.”

Oven Repair Problems

The oven section is arguably the most important part of your range. Unfortunately, that also means that there’s more that can go wrong with it. Gas, electric, and convection range ovens all operate differently, but the experts at ABC Appliance Service know how to fix them all!

Don’t go on without being able to cook a real meal at home. Our oven repair West Hartford professionals are here to help you get your range oven back to work ASAP. Our technician’s trucks come stocked with common oven parts so we can complete your repair in as little as one visit.

Call ABC Appliance Repair now for any of these common oven problems:

If you have an oven not heating, it’s virtually useless. Fortunately, you can hire a qualified oven repair technician to help you out, or you can try to fix it yourself.

Use our troubleshooting guide below to determine why your oven isn’t heating properly. We cover the top 5 causes of this common oven problem, from broken igniters to defective gas burners.

Oven Not Heating –
Troubleshooting Guide

1 – Broken Igniter

What it is: When your oven isn’t heating properly, check the igniter first, as it’s the most common part to fail. The igniter works by drawing electrical current through the oven safety valve to open it. Next, it heats up enough to glow and ignite the gas in the burner.

How it fails: However, over time the igniter can weaken, causing it to fail when opening the safety valve. If this valve doesn’t open, the oven will not heat up.

How to Diagnose it: You can check this by turning the oven on and seeing if the igniter glows for more than 90 seconds without igniting the gas. If this is the case, the igniter will need to be replaced.

2 – Burned Out Bake Element

What it is: The bake element glows red hot in order to heat the oven to the desired temperature.

How it fails: The bake element can burn out with use. Burn spots or blisters cause the heating element to fail.

How to Diagnose it: Often, you can visibly see if the bake element is burned out. Look for charring or blistering on the element itself. If you see any physical damage, you can purchase a new bake element and replace it fairly easily.

3 – Blown Thermal Fuse

What it is: An oven thermal fuse is designed to trip if the oven gets too hot. This will cause the power to shut off for safety reasons.

How it fails: At times, a thermal fuse can blow, leading to an oven not heating properly. While this is not the most common problem, it can happen.

How to Diagnose it: You can use a multimeter to test the thermal fuse for continuity. If no continuity is found, the fuse will need to be replaced, as it cannot be reset.

4 – Worn Out Spark Electrode

What it is: A spark electrode ignites the gas for bake and broil burner ignition. It is located next to the burner and, and as power is applied, a spark goes from the electrode tip to the shield, thus igniting the gas.

How it fails: The bake or broil spark electrode can break or wear out over time. If this is the case, there will be no spark and in turn, no heat to your oven.

How to Diagnose it: Look at the electrode and see if you can spot any cracks in the porcelain housing. There may be damage to the electrode tip itself. There also needs to be proper ground and correct polarity at the wall outlet. Replace or repair as necessary.

5 – Incoming Power Problem

What it is: The outlet that your oven is plugged into and the power cord itself are responsible for initiating all of your oven’s functions.

How it fails: The outlet may not have sufficient voltage for your oven’s needs, or the power cord could have issues.

How to Diagnose it: Use a multimeter to test your outlet for sufficient voltage. Also, check your power cord for frays or damage, and, as silly as it sounds, make sure it is plugged in. This is actually a quite common cause for an oven not heating.

Have another oven problem you need solved? Take a look at other common oven problems we service.

An undercooked cake or raw brownies are certainly not anyone’s idea of delicious. You may know this all too well if your oven bakes unevenly.

Our common oven problems troubleshooting guide walks you through the causes of an oven not cooking evenly.

Oven Bakes Unevenly –
Troubleshooting Guide

1 – Bake Element Burned Out

What it is: The bake element is one of the parts that works to heat the oven and cook the food inside it.

How it fails: With extensive use, the bake element can burn out, causing it not to work. If this happens, heat is only supplied by the broil element, and you’ll find that your oven bakes unevenly.

How to Diagnose it: Inspect the bake element for physical damage to determine if it is burned out. You will see burn marks or blisters on the element and need to replace it.

2 – Broil Element Burned Out

What it is: Like the bake element, the broil element helps heat the entire oven and cook your food.

How it fails: If the broil element isn’t working, the oven will not bake evenly. It too can burn out over time.

How to Diagnose it: Inspect the broil element for burns or blisters. If you see physical damage, replace the broil element.

3 – Convection Element Burned Out

What it is: All the oven’s heating elements, including the convection element, work together to heat the air inside your oven.

How it fails: Over time, the convection element may burn out, leading to an oven not baking evenly.

How to Diagnose it: Use a multimeter to test the convection element for continuity. If none is detected, replace the failed part.

4 – Temperature Sensor Defective

What it is: The oven temperature sensor helps regulate heat, in conjunction with the control board.

How it fails: If the temperature sensor is not putting out the right amount of resistance as the heat rises, your oven won’t bake evenly.

How to Diagnose it: You can test this part using an ohm meter, and replace the sensor if it is not working properly.

5 – Convection Motor Not Running

What it is: The convection motor is responsible for making the convection fan circulate air inside the oven. For a convection oven to heat evenly, this fan must be working properly.

How it fails: The convection motor can fail, or the motor shaft may stop moving freely, causing uneven baking.

How to Diagnose it: Test the motor for continuity or attempts to turn the motor shaft by hand. If it does not turn freely, it will need to be replaced.

Learn more about the most common oven repair problems.

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re ready to cook a delicious meal or bake a tasty treat, is noticing that your oven won’t turn on at all.

Some common causes for an oven not turning on need to be repaired by a professional, but others can be fixed if you’re a little handy. Use our troubleshooting guide to determine if you can DIY or need to call an oven repair technician.

Oven Won’t Turn On –
Troubleshooting Guide

1 – Incoming Power Issue

What it is: This basically refers to the electrical outlet that your oven is plugged in to. Electric ovens need 240 volts of alternating current in order to work, and gas ovens need 120.

How it fails: If your oven won’t turn on, there may be an issue with the outlet. Insufficient voltage from the outlet can cause this common oven problem.

How to Diagnose it: Use a multimeter to determine if there is proper voltage coming from the electrical outlet.

2 – Loose or Burnt Wires

What it is: There are multiple wires that supply the oven with power. They are responsible for igniting the heat and turning the oven on.

How it fails: Wires near the heat source can often burn out, leading to your oven won’t turn on issue.

How to Diagnose it: Take a look at the wires that lead to the igniter or heating elements. You will see physical damage if the wires are burned out. Replace them as necessary.

3 – Defective Oven Control Board

What it is: The oven control board sends voltage to the bake and broil circuits via relays. This is determined by user settings and sensor input.

How it fails: A defective board will not send voltage to the heating elements, making it appear that the oven isn’t on.

How to Diagnose it: We recommend testing other components first. If all other parts appear fine, the control board may need to be replaced by a professional.

4 – Blown Thermal Fuse

What it is: The thermal fuse in an oven acts as a safety precaution against overheating. It will trip if the oven temperature gets too high.

How it fails: Sometimes the fuse will blow, then your oven won’t turn on.

How to Diagnose it: You will need to test the fuse for continuity with a multimeter and replace it if none is found. The fuse cannot be reset.

5 – Defective Igniter

What it is: The igniter works to draw current through the safety valve and open it. It also heats up and ignites the gas in the burner.

How it fails: When you have an oven not turning on, it is likely due to an igniter issue. It can get weak after heavy use, failing to open the safety valve correctly. This causes the oven not to heat.

How to Diagnose it: If the igniter glows longer than 90 seconds without igniting the gas flame, it is too weak and will need to be replaced.

Learn about other common oven problems here, or contact ABC Appliance Service for professional oven repair.

When you find that your oven temperature isn’t accurate, it can throw off your whole day. You may notice that your dish comes out undercooked or overcooked.

Our troubleshooting guide includes the top 5 reasons your oven temperature is inaccurate.

Oven Temperature Not Accurate – Troubleshooting Guide

1 – Bake Element Burned Out

What it is: One of the most common reasons for an oven temperature not accurate issue is a burned out bake element. When operating properly, the bake element will glow red hot. If you notice that it is not glowing red, then it isn’t heating as it should.

How it fails: You can often see visible damage on a heating element that’s burned out. Holes or blisters will form on the bake element, causing it to malfunction.

How to diagnose it: You can also use a multimeter to determine if the bake element is burned out or defective. If there is no continuity, or you see visible damage, it will need to be replaced.

2  – Convection Element

What it is: A convection element works with other heating elements to heat the air inside your oven. However, if it is burned out, it cannot heat properly.

How it fails: If your convection oven temperature isn’t accurate, it may be due to a burned out convection element.

How to diagnose it: Use a multimeter to determine if the convection element has continuity. If not, it will need to be replaced.

3  – Defective Temperature Sensor

What it is: An oven temperature sensor, along with the oven control board, regulates the temperature. It varies its resistance to electrical current when working properly. As the oven temperature increases, the temperature sensor creates greater resistance.

How it fails: If it gives the wrong amount of resistance, your oven will not have an accurate temperature.

How to diagnose it: Some temperature sensors can be recalibrated. Find this information in your owner’s manual. If your model cannot be recalibrated, call a professional oven repair technician.

4 – Oven Control Board Failure

What it is: As mentioned above, the oven control board works with the temperature sensor for regulation. It also varies its resistance to electrical current as temperatures increase or decrease.

How it fails: If defective, the oven temperature will not be accurate.

How to diagnose it: Some oven models allow for control board recalibration up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit higher or lower. Check your owner’s manual for model-specific instructions.

5 – Broken Temperature Control Thermostat

What it is: When the oven temperature gets too low, the temperature control thermostat cycles the heat on.

How it fails: Sometimes, this thermostat is not calibrated correctly, causing it not to cycle the heat on when needed. This then causes to an oven temperature not accurate problem.

How to diagnose it: We highly recommend hiring a professional appliance repair company to diagnose and fix your oven’s temperature control thermostat is you suspect this is the issue, as they are complex parts.

Learn more about the most common oven and range problems, or call ABC Appliance Repair West Hartford for professional help.

Oven Not Heating

If your oven suddenly stops heating, it can be a major burden on you and your family. Don’t trust your oven repair to an amateur, call ABC Appliance Service and let the pros handle your repair. We’ll check for these common failures:

Oven Temperature Inaccurate

t’s almost more frustrating to have an oven with temperature issues than one that doesn’t heat at all. You don’t know how your dishes will turn out. ABC can take care of the problem though by checking for these oven malfunctions:

Oven Won’t Turn On

Much like with electric range tops, range ovens sometimes stop powering on at all. Diagnosing the problem can be frustrating to the inexperienced, so let the seasoned pros at ABC inspect your unit for these common oven breakdowns:

Oven Bakes Unevenly

One of the more perplexing West Hartford oven repair issues is when an oven still works but bakes unevenly. Luckily, ABC Appliance Service has the experience and knowledge to quickly diagnose and repair the malfunction in no time!

Same Day Range Repair – Call ABC Appliance Service

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