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dryer not heating

Is Your Dryer Not Heating? This Might Be Why.

There are some common causes of a dryer not heating. Regular maintenance of your dryer will help your machine operate at peak performance. However, sometimes parts fail and cause the dryer to malfunction. 

Reasons Behind Your Dryer Not Heating

If you discover your dryer won’t heat, we can help. Take a look at these possibilities.

Clogged Vents (gas & electric)

The most common cause for a dryer not heating is a clogged vent. Unrestricted airflow is essential for the dryer to operate properly.

Clean the lint trap every time you run a load of clothes through the dryer.

Clean the lint trap vent:

  • Use a long dryer brush to sweep through the lint trap vent.
  • Vacuum any remaining lint.

Clean the dryer vent located in the back of the dryer:

  • Pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect from the power supply.
  • Disconnect the large vent duct and vacuum any lint you see.
  • Use the dryer brush in a spinning motion to collect any clogged lint from the dryer vent.
  • Vacuum any remaining lint.

The final step of cleaning a clogged vent is to clean the vent exit to the outside of the house. Locate the external vent and ensure it is clean and air flows freely to the outside.

dryer not heating
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Routine maintenance of your dryer every 6 months should help prevent the dryer not heating when you use it.

Blown Thermal Fuse (gas & electric)

Only after checking and cleaning the vent system should you check the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is what prevents your dryer from overheating. A blown fuse is an indication that exhaust vent to the outside is restricted.

Locate the thermal fuse on the back of the dryer. The thermal fuse is in the blower housing; for electric dryers, this is near the heating element, and for gas dryers, it is near the burner.

Use a multimeter to check for continuity of the thermal fuse. If there is no continuity, the fuse is blown. Once the fuse blows, it needs to be replaced. Check your dryer’s make and model (or look in owner’s manual) to determine which replacement fuse to obtain.

dryer not heating
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Faulty Igniter (gas dryer)

If you discover your dryer not heating, it could be a failed igniter. Newer gas dryers have igniters that use heat to ignite the gas released by the gas valve in the burner. If the igniter is defective, the gas won’t ignite and therefore there won’t be any heat for the dryer.

Locate the igniter inside the dryer next to the gas valve burner tube. These igniters are either coil-shaped or flat, depending on the model, and are fragile. Use a multimeter to check the igniter for continuity. If there is no continuity, the igniter needs replacement.

Defective Element (electric dryer)

The heating element heats the air used to dry the clothes. Over time, the heating element can burn out. Use a multimeter to check the element located on the back of the dryer for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the element.

If you have a dryer not drying, our technicians are knowledgable to diagnose and repair your appliance. Contact the professionals at ABC Appliance Service today!